Release 14 is here

Intelligent Thermal Simulation for Electronics

The latest release of 6SigmaET accelerates electronics design at all stages of the process—from data input to the final solve. Here’s how:

Release 14 Features

6SigmaET Optimization

  • Optimize heatsink geometry, fan speeds or heat spreader design using R14’s new Design of Experiments (DOE) and optimization functionality
  • Find the best solution for your system design by balancing thermal requirements with other design constraints such as weight, size and cost
  • Cut down on simulation time by exploring design space with a single data set
  • Combine DOE analysis with the fastest solver available in the market

6SigmaET Neutral File Format (ECXML)

  • Share thermal models easily across different toolsets using ECXML, a vendor neutral file format. ECXML allows the import and export of a wide range of objects–along with material properties and environment settings
  • Import and export PCBs, solids, heatsinks, fans, 2R components, chassis, sub-assemblies, heat sources, vents and porous obstructions

6SigmaET Unified Solver

  • Submit jobs through the streamlined job submission platform
  • Solve on your PC, HPC Cluster, Public Cloud (Rescale) and Private Cloud
  • View all jobs and statuses regardless of solve location

6SigmaET Temperature Dependent Power Map

  • Add multiple temperature dependent power maps to components
  • Model throttling when working with power maps